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Chi Fai Ho

Dr. Ho recognizes that intellectual property is a critical success ingredient of high technology companies, and thus intellectual property rights are important business assets. He envisions the separation of invention and product development because he sees the business of invention focuses on the high-value product differentiation or secret sauce, whereas the business of product development focuses on market creation and penetration. In 2004, Dr. Ho founded TP Lab with a focus on invention with licensing to monetize the Labís ideas. TP Labís main invention areas include Internet-telecommunication convergence, Web-oriented personal communication, and consumer digital media such as music and videos. To date TP Lab has filed over 80 patent applications and many have already been granted.

Prior to founding TP Lab, Dr. Ho was Senior Director of Business Strategy at Nokia, and Vice President of Engineering at Amber Networks (acquired by Nokia). Ho assumed an inventorís role and was responsible for product development. In Amber, Ho led the innovation in routing redundancy, particularly in IP and routing protocols such as BGP, OSPF, ISIS and MPLS. Besides holding several patents in IP routing, Ho co-authored several IETF drafts on service routing. Ho also led the team that invented the architecture of Amberís IP network processor. At Nokia, Ho led the innovation of mobile Internet service routing and development of Flexi-ISN, a mobile Internet service gateway.

Earlier in 1997, Ho co-founded IPLearn, with a focus on invention and licensing for individual and collaborative e-learning. IPLearn has filed over 25 patents applications and many have been granted. Ho co-founded ProfessorQ to productize a patent portfolio of IPLearn on natural language-based Internet search.

Dr. Ho has also been the CTO of the Ethernet Product Division of Vitesse Semiconductor, and Vice President of Engineering of Tidal Networks.

Dr. Ho earned a doctorate in Mathematics from California Institute of Technology. Dr. Ho subsequent became an Associate Professor of California State University, Hayward. In 1989, Ho founded Spear Multiprocessing to build a scalable multiprocessor system using PCís.

Ho holds more than 80 patents in the area of telecommunication, networking, Internet search and e-learning. Dr. Ho is a vigorous inventor and a seasoned product development manager in his field.

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